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Candle Safety

 Never leave a burning candle unattended
 Keep out of the reach of children, pets and combustible materials
 Remove all packaging and place candle in a suitable holder
 Place on a heat resistant surface
 Keep away from draughts or other sources of heat
 Do not allow foreign material or wick trimmings to fall into the wax pool
 Do not handle or move when lit
 Holder may get hot, handle with extreme care
 Do not blow the flame out as hot wax may be blown off the candle, extinguish with a candle snuffer
 If wax touches the skin, rinse immediately with cool water
 Seek medical attention for burns and scalds
 Do not trim the wick if wax is hot
 If flame becomes enlarged or abnormally smoky, discontinue use

Essential Oil Safety

Essential Oils are highly concentrated and should be treated with respect.
Essential Oils are extremely easy and safe to use at home, for their beautiful aromas and perfumery qualities as well as their medicinal soothing and healing properties. BUT, PLEASE BE CAREFUL. Sensible use and low concentrations are the key. These oils are powerful natural substances that should be lovingly stored and used, with humility and care.

  1. Always dilute in base oil before being applied to the skin.
    It is highly recommended to try a variety of pre-mixed blends before attempting your own. However it is fun and easy to make your own with base oil and your own mix of essential oils. Just stick to these two general rules, never too much, never too many. A few drops of two or three oils with 5 table spoons of base oil will make enough for an adult to enjoy a full body massage.

  2. Do not use on infants.
    Essential oils are not appropriate for infants. Dilutions for children and the elderly should be at least half the recommended dose but we have always recommended that essential oils should only be used for adults. Under the professional supervision of trained and qualified Aroma therapists, essential oils play an important medicinal role. But unless you are suitably qualified, we would strongly recommend that oils are kept out of contact with, sight of and reach of children.

  3. Certain Citrus oils are photosensitive
    This means that you should avoid going in the sun (not that we get much sun in England!) after using them.

  4. Always keep out of reach of children and away from the eyes.

  5. Always store in a dark cupboard away from direct sunlight.

  6. Never take internally unless professionally advised.

  7. If you suffer from epilepsy, high or low blood pressure,
    Please seek the advice of a professional aroma therapist or medical practitioner before use. These conditions are often related to exactly the complex organic compounds found in Essential Oils, putting you at an even greater risk. However essential oils are perfectly safe for the vast majority of healthy adults.

If you are pregnant

Please seek the advice of a qualified aroma therapist if you are pregnant and uncertain which oils can and can't be used during this time. Certain essential oils should be avoided altogether (e.g. Cedar wood and Rosemary) and some are best avoided for the first four months (e.g. Peppermint).

We are providing general information on this website and it is by no means exhaustive in content, extent or detail. Effects can vary from person to person. We are not qualified to advise on an individual's case and would therefore recommend you seek the advice from a qualified aroma therapist or practitioner before treating any medical condition. We can not be held responsible for any adverse effects which may occur from the use of any oil which the customer has not familiarized themselves with


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